1000Vdc 10x38mm GPV PV Fuse Link
  • 1000Vdc 10x38mm GPV PV Fuse Link1000Vdc 10x38mm GPV PV Fuse Link
  • 1000Vdc 10x38mm GPV PV Fuse Link1000Vdc 10x38mm GPV PV Fuse Link
  • 1000Vdc 10x38mm GPV PV Fuse Link1000Vdc 10x38mm GPV PV Fuse Link

1000Vdc 10x38mm GPV PV Fuse Link

Crafted with photovoltaic systems in mind, Westking's Model SFPV-25 1000Vdc 10x38mm GPV PV Fuse Link emerges as a purpose-built PV fuse series engineered to guarantee the safety of photovoltaic setups. With its sophisticated design, this fuse series offers exceptional resilience against temperature variations and frequent current cycling, thereby fostering the prolonged durability of the system.

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Product Description

Developed specifically to protect photovoltaic systems, Westking's Model SFPV-25 1000Vdc 10x38mm GPV PV Fuse Link is a PV fuse series designed to ensure the safety of photovoltaic applications. Its advanced construction provides outstanding resistance to temperature and current cycling, contributing to the extended lifespan of the system. With a 1000VDC rating, the Model SFPV-25 boasts a low minimum breaking capacity of 1.35 times the fuse rated current value. This enables safe circuit interruption even under typical low fault current conditions generated by PV arrays. Protect your off-grid or grid-tied PV system from unexpected ground faults and line faults with Westking's Protection fuse line.

1000Vdc 10x38mm GPV PV Fuse Link Technical data

?Rated voltage: 1000Vdc
?Rated currents: 1A...32A
?Utilization category: gPV
?Rated breaking capacity: 33 kA
?Minimum interrupt rating: 1A > 1,45·In 2...32A > 1,35·In
?Non fusing current: 1,13·In
?Storage temperature: -40°C ... 90°C
?Operating temperature : -40°C ... 85°C

?If the ambient temperature is higher than 25°C, please refer to WESTKING'S fuse temperature correction coefficient chart and user manual.

1000Vdc 10x38mm GPV PV Fuse Link Standards

IEC/EN 60269-1 Fuse links – general requirements

IEC/EN 60269-6 Fuse links for solar photovoltaic systems

UL248-19 Photovoltaic fuse links

RoHS Compliant


Exceptionally low fault current interrupting capacity

Robust construction for prolonging system lifespan

Resilient against temperature cycling

Reliable performance assured across extreme temperature

1000Vdc 10x38mm GPV PV Fuse Link APPLICATIONS

Protection for PV modules in-line

Suitable for combiner box applications

Applicable to all photovoltaic systems

Provides protection at the string/array level of PV systems

Compatible with inverters and battery charge controllers



is09001 iatf16949




Rated Current I2t (A2s) Power loss(w) 1.0 In Net weight
Melting Clearing
1A 5 16 0.9 10g
2A 8 32 1.0
3A 10 48 1.3
4A 13 65 1.5
5A 22 86 1.6
6A 32 100 1.8
8A 42 135 2.1
10A 50 152 2.3
12A 57 188 2.7
15A 60 230 3.0
20A 80 310 3.6
25A 120 420 4.5
32A 185 660 5.0

t-I characteristics

Dimensions (mm)

Compatible FUSE bases

temperature correction coefficient chart


1.The fuse operates normally within the temperature range of -5°C to 40°C, and no additional correction is required.

2.The allowable usage conditions are -40°C to 85°C.

3.Within the range of allowable usage conditions, refer to this table.

user manual

This manual is intended for the gPV 1000Vdc 10x38mm fuse link and fuse holder, which are designed for solar photovoltaic power generation protection purposes

1.Working Conditions

1.1 Ambient Air Temperature

Normal usage conditions: The ambient air temperature does not exceed 40°C; the average ambient air temperature over 24 hours does not exceed 35°C, with a lower average value measured within the year; the minimum ambient air temperature is not less than -5°C. Allowable usage conditions: -40°C to 85°C.

1.2 Altitude

Normal usage conditions: The installation altitude does not exceed 2000m. Allowable usage conditions: 2000m to 4500m. Altitude parameter correction: Higher altitude primarily leads to insulation degradation, poor heat dissipation conditions, and changes in air pressure.

a) For every 100 meters increase in altitude, the fuse's temperature rise increases by 0.1k - 0.5k.

b) For every 100 meters increase in altitude, the ambient temperature average decreases by about 0.5k.

c) Generally, fuses used in open environments can ignore the impact of altitude on the rated current, and still select the standard conditions.

d) Fuses used in enclosed environments, if the enclosure's ambient air temperature or internal temperature does not significantly decrease with altitude, and can still reach over 40°C, need to reduce the rated current. For every 1000 meters increase in altitude, the rated current reduces by 2% - 5%.

1.3 Atmospheric Conditions

Normal usage conditions: The air is clean, with a relative humidity of no more than 50% at 40°C ambient air temperature; higher relative humidity is allowed at lower temperatures; under these conditions, moderate condensation may occur occasionally due to temperature changes. Normal usage conditions: No significant condensation, with a relative humidity of up to 95%.

2.Installation Conditions

The fuse should be installed horizontally or vertically, with the specific installation depending on the actual situation. The electrical clearance should be no less than 8mm, and the creepage distance should be no less than 10mm. The installation category of the PV Fuse is Class III. The installation conditions are as follows:

a) In a place with no significant vibration and shock.

b) In a medium without explosion hazards and containing no gases or dust that can corrode metals or destroy insulation (including conductive dust).

c) In a place without rain or snow intrusion.

3.Installation Method:

a) TH35 standard rail installation;

b) Screw specification: M5;

c) Recommended installation torque: 2.0 N·m;

d) Torque tolerance: ± 3%.

4.Packaging and Storage

Packaging: PV Fuses from WESTKING come in corrugated paper inner boxes and outer cartons, with safety labels for rain, moisture resistance, and fragility.

Storage: Temperature: -40°C to 40°C; Relative humidity does not exceed 70% at 40°C, 80% at 30°C, and 90% at below 20°C; moisture-proof, avoid contact with liquid water and deformation due to moisture absorption; fireproof.

5.Use and Maintenance

PV Fuses should be regularly cleaned and maintained by professional personnel, inspecting the condition of fasteners to ensure safe use. When the PV Fuse link melts, it is recommended to replace it with a PV Fuse from WESTKING. When replacing the fuse element, please remove dust and other contaminants from the PV Fuse holder

Please carefully read this manual, as it will help you to properly use the fuses. WESTKING New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. not only provides high-quality fuses to our customers but also offers comprehensive technical services to assist users in solving electrical safety issues. As the first company in China to research and manufacture DC fuses, WESTKING remains committed to providing superior fuse products for the new energy electrical field.

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